Time heals all wounds.

The hardest thing about this is you think that I don’t understand what you’re going through. When in actuality, I understand more than anyone you will ever talk to. You think you’re never going to stop thinking about that one text, you think that it’s going to mingle in the back of your thoughts for as long as you live. You think that no matter what happens you will always be thinking about it, and sadly you’re right to a certain extent. Once something happens and you feel the amount of pain you did, it will never fully go away. You will never forget that pit in your stomach when you found out. You will never forget how it seemed like your world was crashing down around you. But I can tell you, it gets easier to cope with. Yes cope, you learn to live with it. There will be reminders here and there, there will be times that you will think, how am I ever going to get past this.. But I’m telling you. You will and you can. It takes time, but time heals all wounds. Not completely, because there are scars but eventually you will be happy again. I know it seems impossible right now, but you will. You will feel like yourself again, you will feel so much lighter. The most important thing is  through all of this I will be standing right by your side, holding your hand while you cry and scream that it will never be the same. But I will also be by your side with your head held high when you have realized that you overcame all of those dark thoughts that fill your head at night. They go away. I promise.

"Even the smallest parts of you are magic to me. The way you brush your hair or sigh in your sleep, and the ways your forehead scrunches when you’re thinking really hard about an answer. The wildest thing about love is how little it changes from your kindergarten crush. I hope I’m always a little nervous, even though there’s nobody I’m more comfortable with. I hope the things I love most are always how you laugh at me and when you do things that make me believe you see magic in little things too."